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So what ’s in a name? Maybe it ’s that extra voice that makes all the difference? One thing is certain though, these eight voices singing together, a cappella, create harmonies that are quite something different. 

Wads of good humour and generosity drive these joyous troubadours in their interpretation of styles various and unexpected. Edgy… Exciting… Tender… 

Simply rearranging the world into a tune for eight voices. From the hits that our parents danced to, to modern times, they analyse, hone, reduce and extract the essence of the air to create the quintessential spark that lights joy in the listener. 

Energised by the repartee of their personalities, they joke and play with the words, rhythms and gests bringing alive the spirits of the times. 

Voices, warm to the touch, harmonise to create so much more than the sum of their number… 

Eight voices, eight personalities, eight players as one to entrance you. 

None should miss, for a moment, a chance to share their passion. 


Today SWEET SEVEN is recognised as one of the leading A Cappella groups on the Côte d'Azur.

In October 2019, SWEET SEVEN won the 3rd prize at the "Grand Concours des Chorales du Département 06" at the Salle Nikaïa in Nice. 

But they certainly did not start out this way. In fact the group is the result of a carefully selected combination of happy voices and a Californian Dream brought back to France by their leader and founder Brigitte Delépine. Although Brigitte received a formal musical training at the Sorbonne, she honed it into a very different shape during the time she spent in the States singing with the famous “Sweet Adelines”.


This mix of seroius attention to musical detail together with the swing and close harmonies of the best of the American songbook, jazz and sometimes classical music is what makes Sweet Seven different and explains their popularity. 


When it comes to their future plans, the project continues, but without giving too much away. They are blazing a few very interesting musical trails but to find out more you will need to see them in action or get in touch directly.